2015 was the first year of operations for Java Forever. Java Forever’s activities are tax-exempt and donations are tax-deductible to the donor, extending even to prior tax years.

Java Forever’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) granted by the IRS is: 46-4705772.

Tax Exempt Application (IRS Form 1023) here

Tax Exempt Approval (501c3 status) here.

Mailing address:

     Java Forever Inc.
     415 Pablo Ave N, #140
     Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Java and GORUCK

There wouldn’t be GORUCK without Java and there won’t be GORUCK without Java Forever. Java Forever is the target non-profit for GORUCK, a gear and events company headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. There is no formal agreement between Java Forever Inc. and another organization. However, Java Forever leverages all of its infrastructure from donations and from GORUCK. Java Forever’s Board and Directors donate their time, GORUCK donates office space and overhead. There are no salaried employees at Java Forever, which allows us to pass more funds along to our partner non-profits.