2009 was a rough year. War and the military were behind me, I had no good plan to transition to civilian life, and I was going through a divorce. It felt like all of my support structures were crumbling because they were. I lost my identity, my purpose, my drive. You name a loss and I probably felt it. It’s an all too common story with all too common struggles. But every day I had Java and we were inseparable and he saved my life. In that process he became the face of GORUCK and the source of at least a million smiles, many of them mine. The point is that a lot of people, a lot of war veterans, will hit lows. I did. And sometimes a little help goes a long way. I want Java Forever to do good for people and in that process build bridges between the military and civilian worlds, one person at a time. I was that person a short time ago and when Java passed away in 2013, the great gift he left me was the ability, strength, and desire to do more for others.

Java Forever is what I owe him.


Jason McCarthy
President, Java Forever
Founder, GORUCK
Former Green Beret 2006-08 (US Army Special Forces)
And Java’s proud dad

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